Girl Bike Dog Breakfast Post

Welcome to Girl.Bike.Dog

Good morning beautiful internet world!  If I’m going to get this blog started off right I absolutely must start with my favorite Philadelphia breakfast.  This beautiful little masterpiece you see before you is a secret I’ve been keeping hidden for a while and since we’re new friends I figure I should offer you up a reward.  So if you’re in for the best tasting (and healthiest) breakfast you’ve had in a while, head on over to the quaint little hole in the wall on Market Street appropriately known as “Happily Ever After” and order yourself one of their delicious Acacia bowls.  Now I’m now foody expert but I’ll try to break down the flavors that were so gracefully caressing my palate.  Starting at the very bottom, we begin with a think blend of yogurt, milk, and a mix of frozen fruit.  Just on top of that you find a crunchy layer of sweet toasted granola just bursting with flavor.  And complete the bowl with a layer of fresh strawberries, bananas, and blueberries with a condensed milk and honey drizzle.  That ladies and gentleman, is what I call breakfast.