finding employees with help of select human resources

How I Decided to Hire My Employees

So a while ago I wrote a post about starting a gym and I’ll tell you what, I went headfirst right into the process after I wrote that post. After I found a place to rent for my gym space and bought all of the equipment I needed, my biggest challenge was finding employees that fit my personality and the culture I wanted to establish within my company.  I mean seriously I didn’t want to pull out the same old BS interview questions that I’ve heard for most of my life. You know ones like “what are your greatest strengths and weaknesses” or “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”. I really wanted to find employees that enjoyed working with me and in turn gave my customers the service they truly deserve.

I remember reading a something by Richard Branson (owner of Virgin mobile, etc.) about how he changed the mentality of “the customer always comes first” to “the employee always comes first”. He noted if you treat your employees well, they will work hard for you, and in turn provide the customers with a level of service unmatched by any other. This is exactly the type of work environment I wanted to produce.  So I did my research and looked into a few ways to find the best employees.

I came across a few blogs with some helpful information. Particularly a few by a business psychologist named Gary Dumais.  He owns a company call Select Human Resources located in Philadelphia.  Basically he uses advanced interview techniques to analyze potential employees for you and determine if they would be good fit for your company.  He has almost 15 years of experience in human resources management and psychology so he really knows what he’s doing.  After reading about his work and scanning through his multiple websites (,,, and I decided to give him a try.

I have to say my first impression of Gary was most impressive.  He was extremely polite and understanding of my needs.  We set up a time to meet in person so he could see my facility and learn more about the type of employees I was looking for.  Then I started forwarding him candidate and setting up interviews.  After a few weeks Gary gave me his analysis of the employees I sent his way.  I got to make the final choice and hire the ones that I felt would make the best fit based on his interviews.

Honestly I could not be more happy,  I now have three new employees, Sarah, Anthony, and Michelle and they are the best people I have ever worked with. They truly feel like sisters and brothers to me and I am confident they will stick with my company for a while as we grow.  On a side note, when I tell people this story they inevitably want to know how much it cost to work with Dr. Dumais. I will answer this questions in two ways.

First I did my research and looked into other larger consulting firms that do the same kind of work as Gary.  To start I was turned off by the fact that there was no personal touch to these companies, I felt like I would be just another number or client or paycheck for them and that feeling didn’t sit well with me.  Secondly, their prices were absolutely crazy!  They were trying to charge me almost double of what Gary was offering and for employees with far less experience.  They really made my decision easy.

The next time I hire an employee (as I’m sure I will shortly) I will definitely be contacting Gary Dumais Psy.D again.  He is professional and compassionate about helping companies find employees that suite there needs.  If you want more information about his services I recommend checking out his websites – or any of his other sites. Or just give him a call at 215-901-4589.  Until next time, keep it real out there Philadelphia!