Thinking about starting a gym…

Hi hi hi!!!  How are you all doing?  Sorry it’s been a couple of days since my last post with the dramatic “to be continued…” cliffhanger.  Things got crazy, which they do, because LIFE, you know?!  Haha.

But back to business:

So where were we?  Ah yes, Scooby the dog and I were on a dramatic walk through my lovely and lively city of Philadelphia!  If you remember correctly, we had walked past City Hall with the ever-protective William Penn statue sitting on top, looking over the city of brotherly love.  We had gazed admiringly at a mural, which was part of the city’s well-reputed Mural Arts Program.  We were on the east side of Broad Street, wondering and wandering on the beautiful autumn day.

Start a gym

In an attempt to really get us out of our usual route rut, I decided to make a quick turn down a side street I’d never explored, and boy, was I unprepared for what I saw!  Athletes swarming the street!! Some were running – sprinting actually up and down the street.  Some were doing squats with sandbags.  Some were doing burpees.  Some were laying on the ground, wiped out, breathing heavily and trying to get their air back between sets.  I guess it must have been a race against time thing, because these guys and gals were going all-out!  It was SO COOL.  Scooby and I did our best to weave through the exercise madness and not disturb.  About halfway down the block I saw the entrance to what I realized was a Crossfit gym – Crossfit Center City.  It all seemed so exciting.  So inspiring.

And I had a thought – a thought that’s been popping up pretty regularly in the past few months – “What would it be like to open up my own gym?”  I mean, it sounds super intimidating, but think about it.  I love physical fitness.  I love working out in a community.  I love the idea of turning my passion into my work.  And making money while doing what I enjoy!  WHATTTTT!!.  I feel like I could maybe add something special for my fellow Philly health and exercise peeps.

But gosh, I have so many questions.  Where does one even start with this kind of thing?  What kind of gym business would I want to open?  How would I find potential members?  How does gym marketing work?  There are so many fitness businesses out there… how could I make mine stand out? I feel like I would need someone to guide me on what to expect, how to properly open a gym business, etc etc etc.  A mentor of sorts, am I right?

It could be SO AMAZING though.

And before I knew it, with me in daydream mode, Scooby and I had walked on auto-pilot almost all the way back home!  We had somehow ended up on Walnut Street, the prime shopping destination in Center City.  People whizzed by with overflowing bags.  Music was pumping out of certain stores, in the rhythm of “buy me, buy me, buy me.”  I’m not a big shopper, but I did stop at the window when I spotted a sick pair of black leather yoga leggings in the window!  Your girl does not pass by fitness-wear.  Haha.  They were beautiful but probably a million bucks, so we moved on.  Across the street was a running shoe store, with an eye-catching display of sneakers, track cleats, and marathon stickers in the window.  Man, I could use a new pair of kicks.  Maybe tomorrow.  😉

Alright ladies and gents, I’m off to bike along the Schuylkill River trail!  Wheeee!  Have a fantastic day!!!